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How To Sell A House That Needs Repairs

When it comes to tips for selling a house that needs repairs, many distressed homeowners in Orlando, Florida might feel overwhelmed and unsure of where to start. This comprehensive guide will provide valuable insights on how to navigate the process effectively and efficiently.With a name like “Junk Home Buyers”, we have a few tips for selling a house that needs repairs to a cash buyer. 

We’ve definitely purchased a few properties that were in need of major repairs and want to share with you what we’ve learned. In fact we just closed on a property right here in Orlando last month with a caved in roof! It was a 2 bed room 1 bath small home that was sitting vacant for at least 6 years. We found the property while driving around in some of the areas we brought other properties in before when we spotted that house with grass tall enough to reach the windows. Needless to say the home was vacant. 

The owner had passed about 7 years prior and there was barely any information regarding family members available from our searches but we were able to locate her daughter that was currently living in Ohio. We were unsuccessful in finding the daughters number but were lucky enough to locate a email and sent here a message. 

She responded and the rest is history! ….Well, not quite. This was July of 2022 & we had to clear title through probate which took several months but at the end of it all, we were able to finally close with our all cash offer in March. 

So with that being said, in this post we’ll explore essential tips for selling a house that needs minor repairs that you should prioritize, such as fixing leaks and maintaining your HVAC system. Additionally, we’ll discuss practical ways to prepare your home for sale through thorough cleaning and minor upgrades that make a difference.

You’ll also learn about the advantages of cash offers versus traditional financing when selling a property in need of repair. Furthermore, we’ll delve into the importance of working with experienced real estate agents who specialize in distressed properties.

To ensure success in today’s competitive housing market, our tips for selling a house that needs repairs will also cover affordable strategies to boost curb appeal and pre-sale home inspections. Lastly, we’ll share targeted marketing tactics designed specifically for distressed properties using social media and online platforms.

Table of Contents:

Essential Repairs to Prioritize

When putting a house up for sale that requires significant repairs, it is critical to give attention to the most pressing matters first. By addressing these essential repairs, you can increase your home’s value and make it more appealing to potential buyers. In this section, we’ll focus on essential repairs to prioritize in order to maximize your home’s value and make it more appealing for potential buyers.

Fixing Leaks and Broken Appliances

Water damage is a significant concern for many homebuyers, so it’s vital to fix any leaks in your plumbing system or roof before listing your property. Additionally, ensure all appliances are in working order – particularly those in the kitchen – as non-functioning appliances can be a deal-breaker for some buyers. For tips on fixing common household leaks and appliance issues, check out Family Handyman’s quick repair guide.

HVAC System Maintenance

Keeping an effective HVAC system running is vital for providing a comfortable home environment. Before putting your house on the market, have an HVAC professional inspect and service the system if necessary. This will not only help prevent unexpected breakdowns but also demonstrate to prospective buyers that you’ve taken care of routine maintenance tasks throughout ownership of the property.

Cosmetic Touch-Ups

  • Drywall: Address minor cosmetic issues like nail holes or dings by patching them up with joint compound followed by sanding smooth surfaces prior to painting walls anew using neutral colors which appeal broadly across various buyer preferences alike.
  • Floor Tiles: Replace damaged floor tiles where needed, ensuring that replacements match existing ones as closely as possible. If you’re unsure how to replace a tile, consult This Old House’s step-by-step guide.
  • Garage Doors: Upgrading your garage door can significantly boost curb appeal and overall home value – especially if it meets local building codes. For more information on choosing the right garage door for your property, visit HouseLogic’s comprehensive guide.

Tackling these essential repairs will not only make your house more attractive to potential buyers but also help ensure a smoother sales process without unexpected setbacks due to undisclosed issues arising during inspections later down the line.

Essential home repairs that should always be a priority when selling a home, as they are often the deciding factor for potential buyers. Prior to listing your home, it is essential that all necessary repairs and preparations have been taken care of.

Key Takeaway: 

When selling a house that needs repairs, prioritize fixing leaks and broken appliances, maintaining the HVAC system, and making cosmetic touch-ups such as patching up drywall or replacing damaged floor tiles. Upgrading your garage door can also boost curb appeal and home value. By addressing these essential repairs, you can increase your home’s value and make it more appealing to potential buyers for a smoother sales process without unexpected setbacks due to undisclosed issues arising during inspections later down the line.

Preparing Your Home for Sale

To make your home more appealing to sell as is, to deal-hunters looking for properties that need work, it’s essential to put in some effort and prepare the house before listing it on the market. Creating an inviting atmosphere that will draw in buyers is achievable with these straightforward steps.

Thorough Cleaning Tips

A clean home is always more attractive to potential buyers. Start by cleaning every corner of your house, including vacuuming carpets, wiping down surfaces, and scrubbing bathrooms with multi-purpose cleaners. Focus on eliminating unpleasant odors from your home by using air fresheners or opening windows to let in fresh air.

  • Vacuum carpets thoroughly
  • Clean countertops and appliances in the kitchen
  • Scrub bathrooms with multi-purpose cleaners
  • Eliminate unpleasant odors throughout the house

Minor Upgrades That Make a Difference

In addition to cleaning, consider making small upgrades that can significantly impact sales price and how potential buyers perceive your property. For example:

New lighting fixtures: Replace outdated or broken light fixtures with modern options that brighten up living spaces.

  • Fresh paint: A new coat of paint can do wonders for refreshing a room’s appearance – choose neutral colors like white or beige as they appeal to most people’s tastes.
  • Add hardwood floors: If possible within budget constraints – installing hardwood floors throughout main living areas creates an upscale look while also being easier to maintain than carpets.

By following these tips, you’ll be able to present your home in the best possible light and attract potential buyers who are interested in purchasing a fixer-upper property. No matter how large or small, any improvement to a fixer-upper home can be impactful when it comes time for sale.

Getting the top price for your property requires proper preparation before listing it. By understanding the advantages of cash offers versus traditional financing, you can make more money and make a more informed decision when selling your house that needs repairs.

Finding A Cash Buyer For Your Home That Needs Major Repairs

Selling a home that needs major repairs can be a daunting task. Many potential buyers shy away from homes that require significant renovations, leaving homeowners with limited options. However, there is another route that homeowners can take: selling to a cash buyer. 

Cash buyers, also known as real estate investors, are individuals or companies that buy homes for cash, often with the intention of renovating and flipping them. Selling to a cash buyer can offer several benefits, particularly for homeowners looking to sell quickly or those with homes in need of significant repairs.

Cash Offers vs Traditional Financing

When it comes to selling a house that needs major repairs, opting for cash offers can be a more advantageous route compared to traditional financing options. Cash offers present several benefits and help avoid potential complications associated with mortgage loans and inspections.

Advantages of Cash Offers

  • Faster closing process: With cash buyers, you can expect a quicker sale as they don’t need to wait for mortgage approvals or appraisals. This is especially beneficial if you’re looking to sell your property fast in Orlando, Florida.
  • No appraisal contingencies: Cash buyers often waive the appraisal contingency since they are not relying on lender approval. The likelihood of the transaction being called off due to a low appraisal is reduced.
  • Selling “as-is”: Many cash buyers are willing to purchase properties in their current condition without requiring any repairs or improvements from the seller. This can save you both time and money when dealing with distressed homes needing significant work.
  • No loan-related issues: By accepting cash offers, sellers eliminate risks related to buyer financing falling through at the last minute due to unforeseen circumstances such as job loss or credit score changes.

How To Find A Cash Buyer To Buy Your Home

  1. Search Online: Conduct a search for local real estate investors or cash buyers in your area. Check out their websites and read reviews to get a sense of their credibility.
  2. Attend Real Estate Networking Events: Attend local real estate networking events to meet real estate investors and connect with potential buyers.
  3. Work with a Real Estate Agent: A real estate agent who specializes in working with cash buyers can help you find a buyer quickly and with minimal stress.
  4. Social Media: use hashtags such as #orlandohomebuyer #floridarealestateinvestor #Orlandoinvestor #webuyhousesorlando etc on instagram, twitter etc to find local investors who buy and flip houses in your town. 

Selling a home that needs repairs can be overwhelming, but finding a cash buyer can simplify the process significantly. By finding the right buyer, you can sell your home quickly and move on to the next chapter of your life.

Potential Complications with Traditional Financing

In contrast, going through traditional financing options may complicate matters due to required inspections revealing costly problems down the line. Some possible issues include:

  • Mortgage requirements: Lenders typically have strict guidelines regarding property conditions before approving loans; this could pose challenges when trying to sell houses needing extensive repairs which might not meet these criteria right away.
  • Inspection contingencies: Buyers using traditional financing may include inspection contingencies in their offers, allowing them to back out of the deal if they discover significant issues during inspections. This could prolong the selling process and potentially leave you with additional repair costs.
  • Negotiations and concessions: When dealing with buyers relying on mortgage loans, there’s a higher likelihood of having to negotiate repairs or offer concessions such as seller credits towards closing costs – ultimately reducing your net profit from the sale.

In summary, when selling a house that needs major repairs in Orlando, Florida, it’s worth considering cash offers over traditional financing options due to their numerous advantages and ability to streamline the sales process. 

By partnering with experienced real estate agents who specialize in distressed properties and implementing targeted marketing strategies for fixer-upper homes, you can increase your chances of finding motivated cash buyers ready to close quickly without any hassle.

Cash bids may be an advantageous selection for those needing to sell rapidly, however it is important to consider the potential issues that can accompany traditional funding. Working with experienced real estate agents specializing in distressed properties can help ensure the best possible outcome when selling your house fast.

Key Takeaway: 

Selling a house that needs repairs can be easier with cash offers, as they provide faster closing processes, no appraisal contingencies, and eliminate loan-related issues. Traditional financing options may pose complications due to mortgage requirements, inspection contingencies, negotiations for repairs or concessions which could reduce net profit from the sale.

Working with Experienced Real Estate Agents

When attempting to sell a residence that necessitates substantial renovation, it is imperative to team up with an experienced realtor who specializes in distressed homes. These agents can provide valuable guidance on pricing strategy based on market conditions and estimated repair costs involved post-sale. Furthermore, partnering with local experts familiarized within the Orlando area proves invaluable when navigating the complexities of selling a used home as is in need of significant work.

Finding Agents Specializing in Distressed Properties

For a suitable real estate agent, you can begin by exploring online resources or seeking advice from those who have sold comparable homes in the past. Look for agents with positive reviews and testimonials from clients they’ve helped sell homes needing extensive repairs. You can also visit National Association of Realtors website to search for qualified real estate professionals specializing in distressed property sales.

Benefits of Partnering with Local Experts

  • Market Knowledge: Local experts are well-versed in current market trends and conditions specific to Orlando, Florida. This knowledge allows them to accurately price your property based on its condition and location.
  • Negotiation Skills: An experienced agent will be skilled at negotiating deals that benefit both parties while ensuring you receive fair compensation for your home despite its needed repairs.
  • Potential Buyer Connections: A local expert may already have connections with potential buyers interested in purchasing fixer-upper homes or investors looking for properties they can renovate quickly before reselling them at higher prices.
  • Selling Process Guidance: Selling a house requiring significant repairs comes with unique challenges; working closely alongside an experienced professional ensures smoother transactions throughout the entire process, from listing to closing.

By working with a knowledgeable real estate agent specializing in distressed properties and leveraging their local expertise, you can increase your chances of selling your house fast without a realtor in Orlando, Florida. These professionals will help navigate the complexities involved in selling a home that needs major repairs while ensuring you receive fair compensation for your property.

Utilizing the knowledge of veteran real estate agents can be advantageous in expediting a sale and attaining an ideal cost for one’s home. Boosting curb appeal is also important for traditional buyers, but there are affordable ways to do it without breaking the bank.

Key Takeaway: 

To sell a house that needs repairs in Orlando, it’s important to work with an experienced real estate agent who specializes in distressed properties. Look for agents with positive reviews and testimonials from clients they’ve helped sell homes needing extensive repairs. Local experts can provide market knowledge, negotiation skills, potential buyer connections and guidance throughout the selling process.

Boost Curb Appeal Affordably

Improving your home’s curb appeal doesn’t have to break the bank. To make your Orlando, Florida home more attractive to fixer-upper buyers on a budget, consider some cost-effective changes. Here are some cost-effective ways to enhance the exterior of your house:

Gravel Landscaping and Structural Improvements

Add gravel landscaping around outdoor spaces such as decks or patios. This low-maintenance option is not only budget-friendly but also adds visual interest and texture to your yard. Additionally, address any structural concerns like code-compliant guardrails where needed – this will show potential buyers that you’ve taken care of essential safety measures.

Yard Enhancements for Better Curb Appeal

  • Remove wallpaper: If there’s outdated or peeling wallpaper on the exterior walls of your home, take it down and give those surfaces a fresh coat of paint instead.
  • Fence repairs: Replace missing fence boards or mend broken sections – these small fixes can significantly improve the overall appearance of your property.
  • Sod installation: Adding sod is an inexpensive way to create a lush lawn quickly; consider laying new grass in areas with patchy growth or bare spots.

Incorporating these simple yet effective improvements into your distressed property will help catch the eye of motivated sellers searching for houses needing work in Orlando without requiring substantial investments upfront from you as a homeowner.

It’s important to note that while these tips can help improve your home’s curb appeal, they may not be enough to sell your house as-is. If you’re looking to sell fast and don’t want to make repairs, consider working with real estate investors who specialize in buying homes in any condition. These investors can offer you the best price or a fair price for your house as-is, without the need for a home inspection or making repairs.

On the other hand, if you’re willing to make some small repairs and home improvements, working with a real estate agent can help you attract potential buyers and sell your house for a higher price. A real estate agent can also provide valuable insights into the housing market and help you navigate the selling process.

Ultimately, the decision to sell your house as-is or make repairs is up to you. However, by following these tips and considering your options, you can make an informed decision that works best for your situation.

A few simple and cost-effective upgrades can go a long way in boosting curb appeal, from gravel landscaping to structural improvements. Pre-sale home inspections are also beneficial for addressing any issues that may be found during the process.

Pre-Sale Home Inspection

A pre-sale home inspection is a crucial step when selling a house that needs major repairs. By hiring a reputable inspector, you can identify and address potential issues before they become deal-breakers during the buyer’s due diligence process. In some cases, reducing your asking price may be necessary depending on the severity of problems found during the inspection. Still, investing in this strategy could save you resources over the long haul.

Benefits of Pre-Sale Inspections

  • Detect hidden issues: A professional inspector will thoroughly examine your property to uncover any structural or safety concerns that might not be immediately apparent.
  • Informed decision-making: With an accurate assessment of your home’s condition, you’ll have a better understanding of its true value and can set realistic expectations for potential buyers.
  • Faster sale process: Addressing critical issues upfront reduces the likelihood of surprises derailing negotiations later on – leading to smoother transactions overall.
  • Better negotiation power: When you’re aware of your property’s flaws beforehand, it becomes easier to negotiate with buyers who may request concessions or repairs as part of their offer terms.

Addressing Issues Found During Inspections

If significant problems are uncovered during pre-sale inspections, consider these strategies for handling them effectively:

  1. Evaluate repair costs: Contact local contractors to obtain estimates for fixing identified issues; use this information when determining whether adjustments should be made to your asking price or if certain repairs must be completed prior to listing.
  2. Offer concessions: If you’re unable or unwilling to make repairs, consider offering buyers a credit towards their closing costs or reducing the sale price accordingly. This can help offset any expenses they’ll incur when addressing these concerns themselves.
  3. Disclose known issues: Be transparent with potential buyers about your home’s condition by providing them with a copy of the inspection report and discussing any significant findings openly. Honesty is always the best policy in real estate transactions – especially when selling distressed properties.

To ensure that your pre-sale home inspection goes smoothly, research local inspectors and choose one who has experience evaluating homes in need of major repairs. You can also consult resources like the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors for guidance on selecting a qualified professional.

A pre-sale inspection of a home can help uncover any potential issues that could affect its marketability and thus enable an effective marketing strategy. With this knowledge in hand, marketing strategies for distressed properties can then be tailored to maximize their appeal to buyers.

Key Takeaway: 

When selling a house that needs repairs, it’s important to get a pre-sale home inspection from a reputable inspector. This can help detect hidden issues and allow for informed decision-making, leading to smoother transactions overall. If significant problems are found during the inspection, consider evaluating repair costs, offering concessions or disclosing known issues to potential buyers.

Marketing Strategies for Distressed Properties

Selling a house that needs major repairs requires a well-thought-out marketing strategy to attract the right buyers. By working with experienced real estate agents and leveraging various online platforms, you can showcase your property’s potential and reach deal-hunters looking specifically for fixer-upper homes.

Targeted Marketing Tactics

To ensure your distressed property gets the attention it deserves, focus on targeted marketing tactics such as:

  • Highlighting unique features: Emphasize any distinctive elements of your home like architectural details or historical significance in promotional materials.
  • Pricing competitively: Work with an agent who specializes in selling homes needing work to determine an appropriate asking price based on market conditions and estimated repair costs.
  • Focusing on local advertising: Utilize community bulletin boards, newspapers, and other locally-focused outlets to advertise your property within the Orlando area.

Leveraging Social Media and Online Platforms

In this digital era, having a powerful online presence is essential for marketing any type of property. For distressed properties in particular, consider partnering with agents active on social media platforms who understand how best to showcase your unique home effectively. Some tips include:

  • Create engaging content: Showcase before-and-after photos or videos demonstrating renovation possibilities; this will help potential buyers visualize what they could achieve with some investment into repairs.
  • Cash Offer Advertising: If you’re open to cash offers from motivated sellers seeking quick transactions without traditional financing complications – make sure this information is prominently displayed across all advertisements both offline & online (e.g., flyers posted around town).
  • Utilize niche websites: List your property on specialized websites like FixerUpper.com, which cater specifically to buyers searching for homes in need of repairs.
  • Engage with online communities: Join forums and social media groups focused on real estate investing or fixer-upper properties, where you can share information about your home and connect directly with potential buyers.

By implementing these marketing strategies, you’ll increase the chances of finding a motivated buyer who sees the value in purchasing a house that needs major repairs. Remember, partnering with experienced professionals familiarized within Orlando’s market is key to achieving success when selling distressed properties.

Key Takeaway: 

Selling a house that needs major repairs requires a targeted marketing strategy, including highlighting unique features and pricing competitively. Leveraging social media platforms, niche websites, and engaging with online communities can also help attract motivated buyers looking for fixer-upper homes in Orlando.

FAQs in Relation to Tips for Selling a House That Needs Repairs

How to Describe a House That Needs Work

A house that needs work can be described as a fixer-upper, distressed property, or handyman special. It typically requires repairs, updates, and improvements to make it more appealing and functional for potential buyers. Be honest about the condition of the home while highlighting its potential.

What Repairs Should You Make Before Selling?

Prioritize essential repairs such as fixing leaks, broken appliances, HVAC system maintenance, and addressing any structural issues. Cosmetic touch-ups like painting walls and minor upgrades in kitchens or bathrooms can also improve your chances of attracting buyers.

What Repairs Should You Ask the Seller to Make?

As a buyer, focus on requesting repairs related to safety concerns or major functionality issues such as electrical problems, plumbing leaks, roof damage, or foundation problems. Avoid asking for cosmetic changes unless they significantly impact the value of the home.

How to Market a Fixer-Upper House

To effectively market a fixer-upper house:

  • Create targeted marketing materials emphasizing potential
  • Leverage social media platforms
  • List on specialized websites for distressed properties
  • Showcase affordable renovation ideas with visuals

If you’re selling a house that needs repairs, you may want to consider selling to real estate investors or junk home buyers. These buyers are often willing to purchase a house as-is, which means you won’t have to worry about making repairs or getting the home ready for potential buyers. This can be especially helpful if you need to sell fast or if the is slow.

However, if you decide to sell your house as-is, it’s important to disclose any known issues with the property. Consider getting a home inspection so you can be upfront with potential buyers about the condition of the home. You may also want to work with a real estate agent who has experience selling as-is properties.

Remember, making small repairs and home improvements can go a long way in attracting potential buyers and increasing the value of your home. By being honest about the condition of the property and highlighting its potential, you can sell your house that needs repairs with confidence.


To ensure a successful sale of a house requiring repairs, it is essential to take the necessary steps for preparing and marketing the property. Prioritizing necessary repairs, preparing your home for sale, working with experienced real estate agents, boosting curb appeal affordably, and implementing targeted marketing strategies are all crucial elements of successfully selling a distressed property.

By following these tips for selling a house that needs repairs, you can increase your chances of attracting buyers quickly and closing the deal at an optimal price point. Whether you’re looking to sell fast without a realtor in Orlando Florida or simply want to streamline the sales process as much as possible, these insights can help you achieve your goals.

If you’re ready to get started on selling your distressed property today, consider partnering with Project Home Again. As one of the top cash home buyers in Orlando Florida, Junk Home Buyers specialize in purchasing homes in any condition for cash offers or terms. Contact us today at JunkHomeBuyer.com to learn more about our services and how we can help simplify your home-selling experience.

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